System and Software Architecture review. Focus on protection of user data, including personal and financial data.  Threat analysis and mitigation techniques tailored by application and industry.  Using a combination of in person review and code spelunking I can tell you where your systems are most vulnerable and what solutions best fit your company's needs.


Accurate timekeeping has become increasingly important in many industries, including finance, manufacturing and telecommunications.  As the leader of the Precision Time Protocol project I have a wealth of experience in designing and deploying systems to keep massive numbers of hosts well synchronized.


Secure Programming Practices, Kernel Development, Device Driver Writing and Performance Analysis are just some of the subjects I've taught.  Many of my courses are now available on-line.

Open Source

I have coded and published several pieces of open source software, including work on the   FreeBSD Operating System, Precision Time Protocol daemonConductor, Packet Construction Set and Packet Debugger .  I am also a director of the FreeBSD Foundation.


The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, 2nd Ed.  is the definitive work on one of the most popular, open source, kernels. You can also see my Amazon Author Page.


For the last ten years I've been the columnist known as Kode Vicious, writing about the practice of software engineering for ACM's Queue Magazine.